Reef Fish Cafe

A great option for private group dining is The Rarotongan’s Reef Fish Café, set beside the Open Kitchen.

The Reef Fish Café provides a relaxed, secluded space where a group of up to 35 can celebrate an event such as a milestone birthday or anniversary, or enjoy a business luncheon or dinner together. The Café has also been used to hold Bridge or even Mah Jong parties!

Lining the sides of the Reef Fish Café are handmade designer lights which pay homage to the jewel-coloured tropical fishes found in the Aroa Lagoon Marine Reserve in front of The Rarotongan, including the exotic Sunset Wrasse, Parrotfish, Picasso Triggerfish, Blue-lined Snapper, Squirrelfish, male Bird Wrasse, Bluefin Trevally and Peacock Grouper. Carved Humpback Whales (recalling those which migrate just past the Aroa Lagoon coral reef), an intricate pod of dolphins and a magnificent curtain of shells complete the Café’s marine theme, providing a unique and authentic Cook Islands atmosphere for any special gathering.

When not being used for private functions the Reef Fish Café provides a relaxed island-style setting for all restaurant guests to dine in and … enjoy!