Te Vaka Restaurant

A soaring, dramatic timber building, on the water's edge, decorated with fine Cook Islands art and handicrafts, Te Vaka Restaurant is the main dining area at The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa. Decorated with elegantly hand-carved Oe (paddles), Te Vaka also features some of the resort's signature hand-crafted lighting, and lovingly made Tivaevae. The long outdoor deck, with tables and chairs, sits over the water, allowing you to witness firsthand the diverse marine life swimming through the crystal clear waters.

Te Vaka is home to many of the Resort's award-winning shows, including the Legends of Polynesia Night, and the Fire Dance Show. Each morning, you will enjoy a tropical buffet breakfast, or a selection from our full cooked breakfast menu. Te Vaka's dramatic architecture and open-air feel help to bring the nature and beauty that is Aroa Beach indoors.